Wildlifes in Mukutmanipur


Mukutmanipur lies under the Chotonagpur Plateau. Here the Gangetic plain gradually rises its altitude and by rising upward it meets with an undulating platform, The Chotonagpur Plateau. In West Bengal the average altitude of the plateau is around 300 meters. Damodar is the main river of the plateau. Rivers like Kansai, Silabati, Darakeswar are generated from the plateau and by creating deep marks they fall into the Gangetic plain.
Here minerals are scattered beneath the ground and above it Elephants makes their footprint. The whispering songs of Mother Nature flows across its dry deciduous forests. In Bengal most of forests of the plateau are unprotected and don’t fall under any sanctuary or national park. These Sal dominated forests are home of Elephants, Sloth bears, Pangolins, Striped Hyena, Indian Wolf like threatened animals and many rare species of mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, fishes, insects as well as plants.
Regular deforestation, urbanization, poaching, sand mining and pollution pushing this unique diversity into great danger. There is an immense need of conservation to protect these rich habitats. This is a platform for creating awareness about Natural resources of Chotonagpur Plateau, West Bengal by showing the beauty of Nature and spreading the conservation needs.

Share your thoughts and participate into our Photo-tours- the very first step of spreading awareness about conservation.


Waterbirds, Junglebirds, Insects other Wildlifes of Mukutmanipur

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